The CAPIZ ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE, INC. (CAPELCO) was organized in accordance with RA 6038 as amended by PD 269 and PD 1645. It was registered with the National Electrification Administration (NEA) on July 7, 1971 and granted a Certificate of Franchise #4 by the National Electrification Administration. Its headquarters is located in Barangay Timpas, Panitan,Capiz.

CAPELCO is the sole electric cooperative providing electric service to the Province of Capiz and  covering 473 barangays within the Sixteen (16) municipalities and one city, namely: Cuartero, Dao, Dumalag, Dumarao, Ivisan, Jamindan, Maayon, Mambusao, Panay, Panitan, Pilar, Pontevedra, President Roxas, Sapian, Sigma, Tapaz and the City of Roxas.

The Province of Capiz is located in the Northern part of Panay Island in Western Visayas (Region VI) with a coverage area of 2,633 sq. kms. that covers and serves consumers in the City of Roxas and the entire Province of Capiz comprising sixteen (16) municipalities, namely, Panitan, Ivisan, Panay, Sigma, Sapian, Pontevedra, Maayon, Dao, Mambusao, Jamindan, Pres. Roxas, Pilar, Cuartero, Dumarao, Dumalag and Tapaz. The Province of Capiz borders the provinces of Aklan, Iloilo and Antique.  It is known for its bountiful seafoods, thus, was named the Seafood Capital of the Philippines.

The town of Panitan, Capiz was the first to be energized on August 9, 1973 making cheap, reliable, 24-hours power supply available in Capiz and was the seat of its operation since.  On June 1, 1980, the town of Tapaz, Capiz was energized, making all towns in Capiz 100% energized.


Consumer and Load Growth

CAPELCO is serving 129,636  consumers as of September 2015 and 61% of the total energy sold is practically consumed by Residential consumers and the rest were shared by Commercial, Industrial, Public Building, Street lights and Irrigation.

To date, 100% of the Barangays were already energized. Twenty Four (24) of it out of 473 barangays was off-grid and being supplied by 23 Solar Power System in the municipalities of Tapaz and Jamindan and one small generation unit in the Island of Olotayan, Roxas City. For the year 2005-2009, the average residential consumer growth was 4.7% and energy sales average growth of 5.3% for the whole system


Power Source and Equipment

Power supply for the entire franchise area of CAPELCO comes from four different sources:

  1. Greencore (GCGI)supplies 15 MW
  2. Panay Energy Development Corporation (PEDC) supplies 8 MW
  3. Enervantage (ESCI) supplies 8 MW for peaking purposes
  4. Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM) supplies the remainder depending on price difference with ESCI

Capiz Electric Cooperative, Inc. (CAPELCO)

CAPELCO has five (5) Substations, namely; (30 MVA) Lawaan Substation  located in km.1, Lawaan, Roxas City that caters the needs of Roxas City with peak demand of 15.344 MW. A (1-10 MVA) Panitan Substation situated in Timpas, Panitan, the center of operation that serves six (4) towns of the 1st District of Capiz with average peak demand of 7.980 MW, Pres. Roxas (1-5 MVA) Substation situated in Brgy. Cabug-Cabug, Pres. Roxas, Capiz serving two (2) big towns also of 1st District with peak demand of 2.478 MW, Dao (1-10 MVA) Substation situated in Nasunugan, Dao that serves six (6) towns in the 2nd District of Capiz with peak demand 4.536 MW and Mambusao (1-5 MVA) Substation located in Poblacion, Mambusao that caters three (3) towns also of 2nd District with peak demand of 2.751 MW.



Table indicates the number of employees of CAPELCO and the ratio of Consumers per Employee


As of September2015, CAPELCO maintained and operated 3,409.143 kilometers of distribution lines broken as follows;

69KV Subtransmission Lines 22.430 kms.
13.2 KV Primary: Double Circuit 21.000 kms.
3 Phase 818.601 kms.
        V Phase 108.776 kms.
        1 Phase 871.388 kms
Secondary: Open Secondary 694.000 kms.
        Underbuilt 879.879 kms
  3,409.143 kms.

1st Point:  The 10Mva Panitan Substation has three (3) feeders which include Feeder F4 with 19.870 circuit kilometers of 3 phase Distribution lines that passes thru some barangays of Panitan, Sigma and the town of Ivisan. The other one is Feeder F1 that passes thru the towns of Panitan and portion of Ivisan and Roxas City. And lastly, feeder F2 that serves the towns of Pontevedra and Maayon.

2nd Point: The Lawaan Substation located just outside of Roxas City with two (2) 10 Mva Power Transformers has six (6) feeders, namely, Feeder 1R, which solely caters the commercial areas and a Shopping Mall; Feeder 2R which passes thru Roxas City; and Feeders 3R, 4R, 5R and 6R serving the rest of Roxas City. 56% of the load was concentrated in this area which by 2013 this substation will be subjected for up-rating due to overloaded power transformer.

3rd Point: The Dao Substation which was upgraded and rehabilitated. It was upgraded from 5 Mva to 10 Mva substation and from two (2) feeders into four (4) feeders, namely, Feeder D1 which serves the town of Dao; Feeder D2 which passes thru the towns of Dumalag and Tapaz; Feeder D3 lights the towns of Cuartero and Dumarao; and lastly, Feeder D4 which illuminates the towns of Sigma, all in the 2nd district of Capiz.

4th Point: The Pres. Roxas Substation, an old rehabilitated 1-5 Mva Power Transformer which separate the 2 towns previously attached to Feeder F1 of 1st Point with two (2) feeders, L1 serving Pilar and L2 in the town of Pres. Roxas and portion of Pontevedra.

5th Point: Lastly, the Mambusao Substation with new 5 Mva area office and Substation located in Poblacion, Mambusao with three (3) feeders that connects Feeder M1 to Jamindan, M3 to Sapi-an and M2 serves the town of Mambasao all of the 2nd District of Capiz.